Energy Services


Energy Department was established in 1996 to address the growing demand for quality and high technology Electrical & automation systems in Power, Utilities, Oil & Gas and other industries. JAL International Energy Department is one of the reputed leaders in Electrical and Automation in the country. It derives its success through technical competency, exacting quality standards, dynamic approach and reliable track record.
We offer field proven products including control & protection panels, protection relays, substation automation system and capacitor banks. JAL International’s highly qualified pool of System Engineers, System Integrators, Application Engineers, Field Engineers, Protection and Commissioning Engineers allow us to provide the best services of electrical power systems of various voltage levels. Our service expertise covers testing & commissioning, maintenance, engineering & design and manpower support services.
The most modern Energy Manufacturing Facility was inaugurated in 2010 giving JAL a remarkable capability of responding to the customers locally, on time and delivering quality products & services. Situated in 2nd Dammam Industrial City, the facility serves as a readily accessible point to provide technical, testing and manufacturing support to customers in Saudi Arabia.


JAL International offers field proven hardware and software solutions along with services of design, engineering, manufacturing and supply.


  • bullet Remote Terminal Units (RTU)
  • bullet Sequence of Event Recorders (SOER)
  • bullet Dynamic System Monitoring (DSM)
  • bullet Digital Fault Recorders (DFR)
  • bullet Power System Automation (PSA/ RPSA)
  • bullet Pipe Line RTU
  • bullet Distribution Automation System (DAS)

JAL Internationals installation, Testing & commissioning and training with highly qualified and experienced professional Engineers and Technicians.

Field Services:

  • bullet SCADA RTU and SOE Replacement Services
  • bullet SCADA RTU and SOE Upgradation Services
  • bullet RTU and SOE Maintenance Services
  • bullet DFR & DSM Services
  • bullet Training Services


JAL International designs and manufactures Protection and Control Panels up to 380 KV complying with international standard in quality and reliability. Control & Protection plays a vital role for power system equipments like Transmission line, Busbar, Power Transformer and Breaker etc.

Products :

  • bullet Transformer Protection Panels
  • bullet Line Protection panels
  • bullet Busbar Protection Panels
  • bullet Bus Section Protection Panels
  • bullet Bus Coupler Protection Panels
  • bullet Capacitor Bank Protection Panels
  • bullet Automatic Capacitor Control System (ACCS)
  • bullet Under Voltage/Under Frequency Panels
  • bullet Remote Tape Changer Control Panels (RTCC)
  • bullet Automatic Voltage Control Panels (AVC)
  • bullet Automatic Bus Transfer Scheme (ABTS)
  • bullet Transformer/ Line Control Panels
  • bullet Synchro Check Panels (Auto/ Manual)
  • bullet Annunciator Panels with Marshaling Kiosk
  • bullet Auto Re-Closure Panels
  • bullet Revenue Metering Panels
  • bullet Communication Convertor Panels

JAL International has a team of experienced field engineers and technician, equipped with state of the art instruments and facility to perform various field services.

Services :

  • bullet Panel Integration Services
  • bullet Protection Panel Design Services
  • bullet Supervision of Panel Installation at site
  • bullet Turnkey protection projects
  • bullet Training Services


JAL International offers protection systems to protect equipment from failures and dangers caused by various faults or excessive load requirements.


  • bullet Distance Protection Relays
  • bullet Line Differential Protection Relays
  • bullet Transformer Protection Relays
  • bullet Busbar Protection Relays
  • bullet Capacitor Bank Protection Relays
  • bullet Over Current/ Earth Fault Relays
  • bullet Over /under voltage Relays
  • bullet Synch protection Relays
  • bullet AVC Relays (Voltage Regulation Relays)
  • bullet Motor Protection Relays
  • bullet Generator Protection Relays
  • bullet Auxiliary Relays & Trip Relays

JAL Engineers have rich experience in working with all brands of relay equipments & components to provide the best services with utmost efficiency and quality. Due to strict adherence to the industry standards and Clients’ approved procedures JAL International guarantees the most reliable solutions to our customers.


  • bullet Scheme modification Services
  • bullet Relay Replacement Services
  • bullet Protection Modification/ Upgradation Services
  • bullet Turnkey protection projects
  • bullet Training Services



JAL International Offers Capacitor Bank solutions for substation applications which helps to improves the performance and reliability of power transmission system.


  • bullet Medium Voltage Capacitor Units
  • bullet Low Voltage Power Factor Correction Capacitors
  • bullet Surge Arresters
  • bullet Reactors
  • bullet Neutral CT
  • bullet Cast Resin NVT


  • bullet Engineering & design Services
  • bullet Installation & replacement services
  • bullet Testing & Commissioning Services
  • bullet Maintenance services
  • bullet Training Services



JAL International offers complete turnkey testing & commissioning services for Substations, Power Plants and various industrial power equipments with team of highly skilled and professional engineers and certified testing equipments. We are experienced in testing & commissioning of power systems up to 380KV. 

Substation & Power Plant Testing & Commissioning Services up to 380 KV

  • bullet GIS Services including Gassing & Degassing
  • bullet Outdoor Switchgears Services
  • bullet Power Transformer Services
  • bullet Testing of Bushing
  • bullet Testing of Capacitor Banks & Surge Arresters
  • bullet Switchgear Services
  • bullet Testing Services for all type of Relays
  • bullet Testing of ACDB, DCDB, Aux Transformers, NERs, and RMUs
  • bullet Secondary and Primary Injection Test
  • bullet Stability Test of Bus bar and Transformer
  • bullet SAS OPEN and CLOSE loop test
  • bullet Cable Laying, termination & Testing Services
  • bullet Manpower supply services

Industrial Testing & Commissioning Services:

  • bullet Testing of Battery and Battery chargers
  • bullet Motor Testing Services
  • bullet Cable Laying, termination & Testing Services
  • bullet Motor Control Centre (MCC) Services
  • bullet Variable Frequency Drives (VFD) Services

Transformer Testing Services:

  • bullet OLTC test, Tan Delta Testing
  • bullet SFRA Test (Frequency Response Analysis)
  • bullet Capability of transformer testing up to 750 MVA


JAL International maintenance teams are having expertise in providing reliable and cost effective maintenance services covering routine, preventive and breakdown maintenance. Our experience ranges from LV, MV & HV electrical infrastructure assets covering entire KSA.

Substation & Power Plant Maintenance Services:

  • bullet Substation Preventative & Corrective Maintenance
  • bullet Plant Outages, Shutdown & Turnaround Services
  • bullet Unit Rate Maintenance Services
  • bullet Annual Maintenance Services
  • bullet Manpower supply services for maintenance

Motor Maintenance Services:

  • bullet Overhauling of motors
  • bullet Motor rewinding

Oil Filtration & Treatment:

  • bullet Oil Filtration up to 10,000 LPH
  • bullet Oil Sampling & Oil Dissolved Gas analysis (DGA)
  • bullet Repairing of Tap Changers

Other Allied Services:

  • bullet Engineering & Design Services
  • bullet Equipment Rental Services
  • bullet Industrial Training Services


JAL International’s in-house fleet of sophisticated equipments provide us ability to deliver reliable and accurate results for entire spectrum of our services. Our state of art and computerized test equipment along with trained operators enable us to operate precisely and to reduce the handover time for our services.

We understand the vital role of most advanced technology and quality to reproduce reliable results hence we have sourced our equipment from world class market leaders.

Major testing equipments includes:

  • bullet Relay Testing Equipment
  • bullet Tan Delta testing Equipment
  • bullet CT Analyzer
  • bullet Primary Injection Testing Equipment
  • bullet Oil Filtration Machine
  • bullet AC High Voltage Testing Equipment
  • bullet DC Hipot Testing Equipment
  • bullet SFRA Testing Equipment
  • bullet Cable Fault Locator
  • bullet Battery Load bank
  • bullet Circuit breaker Analyzer
  • bullet Transformer Testing Equipment
  • bullet SF6 Gas Analyzer


JAL International, with the support of its partners works continuously on new product developments and provides solutions with the objective of creating lasting competitive benefits for the industries it serves.

General Electric (GE) products:

  • bullet Protection & Control products
  • bullet Automation products
  • bullet Current Transformer
  • bullet Potential Transformer
  • bullet Switches & Power Control Components
  • bullet Transformer monitoring & diagnostic

Cabur products:

  • bullet Terminal Blocks
  • bullet Power Supplies
  • bullet Electromechanical Relay Modules
  • bullet Solid State Relay Modules
  • bullet Products for Photovoltaic System
  • bullet Analog Convertors