Having made a mark in the Construction Industry in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for two decades, JAL International fully understands and commits to the market where quality, efficiency and safety are of the essence. Consequently, we are even becoming more proactive and considerably prepared to grasp the opportunities that lie ahead in the business.

JAL International continuously grows, expands and develops in the strategically important projects and activities through the dedication and professionalism of the members of the organization. The strength, breadth and depth of our business lies in the efficient execution of projects: from planning, mobilization, manpower placement, construction, testing and commissioning, which have delivered such strong results over the years.

We will continue to reach further to the needs of the customers through value attention, focusing on those areas and requirements of the customers that will add value to their operation, performing services that will permeate valuable technology and workmanship and applying safety and quality procedures that will value the important detail of every project.

JAL International will keep on pondering progressive and developmental approaches to grow and expand the business, persisting on our competitive strengths, enlarge our capability portfolio, attain critical mass in the key market and industry and consistently look for opportunities for improvement both in processes and costs and deliver increased benefits to our customers.

We commit and adhere to excellence at all times.
Welcome to JAL International.